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Alaskan Converts Simple 12x16 Shed Into Efficient Tiny House


This converted shed makes expert use of space.

The tiny house movement has really caught on for many people, especially outdoorsmen and women. Living simply with limited possessions and focusing on spending more time in the outdoors is one of the big selling points for this style of living.

The great thing is, many of these homes can be constructed on the cheap using recycled materials or completely repurposing something else for a new use.

That is the case with Rodney's home in Seward, Alaska. Rodney and his wife decided to start renting out their regular home during the summers, but they needed a place to stay in the meantime. The solution was to build a tiny home in a 12x16 shed. It may look cramped on the outside, but it is an excellent use of space inside.


The creativity of people in crafting simpler and smaller living spaces never ceases to amaze us. Living this lifestyle allows Rodney and his wife to focus more on life instead of accumulating things. We dig it.

For someone looking to own less stuff and save some serious money, this is not a bad solution at all. This cabin had a great layout that makes the best use of the space available. For one or two people, this would be more than adequate. If you were to live in it full time, the utility costs would be nothing compared to a larger home. More money for hunting and fishing gear!

Speaking of our two favorite hobbies, a tiny home in this style would make for an excellent, low maintenance fishing or hunting cabin in a remote area. The metal roof will need minimal maintenance and the size of the building means it can be placed practically anywhere on a small property. We want one!

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