Converted Shed Tiny Home
YouTube: Fearless Rambler

Man Creates Off-Grid Tiny Home From Home Depot Shed


More people than ever are embracing the off-grid lifestyle, even if it is just for a vacation or summer cabin. Who doesn't want a quiet place where they can just unplug from the stresses of modern life and enjoy nature? Today's video features a rather unique way of going about doing that. YouTuber Fearless Rambler takes a very standard garden-style shed from Home Depot and turns it into a rather comfortable tiny home that is also completely disconnected from the grid.

The video takes you through the steps, from drywalling to kitchen cabinets and loft construction. He also gives a quick overview of his rather simple solar system and how it works to power the fans and lights in the finished tiny home. It looks like a surprisingly cozy place to get away from it all.

Aside from the door, he didn't change the exterior aesthetics of this shed too much. Most of the work went into the interior, and it ended up looking great! We suspect that fridge may draw a little too much power for the solar setup he had. A smaller dorm fridge or a Dometic-style cooler would probably do the trick for a weekend camping trip for now. For someone who only plans to run the lights and fans, the power system shown here should be more than adequate. The great thing about solar systems is that you can keep adding solar panels and batteries later to increase the capacity of your system.


In the end, using a shed like this will probably be slightly cheaper than building an entire tiny home from scratch, especially with the increased cost of raw construction materials these days. We really dig the interior. It's simple, straightforward, and downright cozy-looking. What more could you need for an off-grid retreat?

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