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North Carolina Has a House Cat Museum: Visit The American Museum of the House Cat

North Carolina currently had one of the highest numbers of cats and dogs killed at shelters last year, a study found. In 2018, 246,000 cats and dogs entered shelters in the state, 167,000 were saved and 55,900 were killed, a study by Best Friends Animal Society found. With that in mind, we need to focus on adoptions in that state and the various organizations promoting animal welfare to change these statistics!

One way to take action? Visit the North Carolina House Cat Musem. The museum ticket fees benefit a local rescue in the area! Excess money earned after covering museum costs are given to the local no-kill cat shelter, Catman2 Shelter. 

The American Museum of the House Cat is located in Sylva, North Carolina. If you're planning a road trip you should clearly put this as a stop or detour on your list of activities. Known in the areas as 'The Cat Man,' Harold Sims has turned his over 30-year collection of all things cat-related into one of the region's favorite new museums.

These are some of the items you'll see:

  • Hand-carved carousel cat
  • An actual petrified cat
  • Fine "picture art" going back to the late 1800s, modern art, folk art
  • Rare advertising art, cat poster art, art glass cats made by the finest glassmakers of the world
  • Vintage and antique toy cats, many of which are automations from the 1890s

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