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Indiana City Police Department Allowed People to Pay Off Parking Tickets By Donating Cat Food

Muncie, Indiana is now our new fave city (lots of good stuff going on in the state of Indiana). The Muncie police department announced a great promotion that only lasted a limited time. Other cities should consider doing this! It's kitten season!

They partnered with the Muncie Animal Care & Services as they have over 300 cats and they needed help. They asked the community for cat food, cat litter, and donations. If any residents brought food to the police department or the shelter during the time of the promotion the city waived their parking ticket fees! The amount of cat food or cat litter needed to be the same value as the ticket.

It's almost always kitten season at shelters across the country and Muncie's Animal Shelter is no exception.

So many people made donations they would consider doing this again and again! This shelter is very crowded and these cats need forever homes. Go, Muncie!

All shelters need the same products so watch the video to determine what your local shelter needs to get through kitten season.

This is just one shelter! And this shelter is currently housing roughly 350 cats and kittens, according to a representative from the shelter.

All of our local shelters also need volunteers! Social media wins the day again!

How great is this promotion? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. 

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