catfish noodling
Hannah Barron Outdoors/Facebook

Noodling for Cats is Definitely a Full-Contact Sport

If this footage is any indication, catfish noodling comes with the real possibility for blood loss.

We first introduced you to Hannah Barron back in the summer of 2016.

Residing in Alabama, this young lady loves to charm cats using only her handsno rod, no line, and no bait. Read that story here.

catfish noodling

Hannah Barron Outdoors/Facebook

Hannah posted the following video to her Facebook page May 12, and as you're about to see, she's as tough as they come when hand-fishing for cats is concerned. Read her thoughts on the encounter:

"It doesn't matter who you are, or how good you are, some fish are going to get away. I had my first good fish (probably a 30 pound blue cat) get away from me yesterday, and needless to say I was not happy about it at all. I only had one hand on him, and to be able to hang on to one that spins with you, you've just about GOT to have a good hold on him with both hands. Couldn't get my other hand down his throat good, and when he took me back under and went to gator rollin, there wasn't nothin I could do. It's probably a good thing @hunterhorton7 pulled me up before I ended up under the boat with it. Yesterday was a rough day noodlin for me and my daddy @jeffbarron70 both when he got a shark hook lodged in his thigh (and then yanked it out himself). Still got some good fish in the boat! Bringing home a few more scars after this trip. You've got to love it #GetBit"

And here's the video that shows a hard-fought battle - and the agony of defeat:

Noodling is definitely not a sport for the weak. Catfish can be strong and meanand you're waging war in their 'house' during this hand-to-mouth combat. We love how Hannah was more concerned with losing that fish than the injury to her arm. Now that's hardcore!

If you're not already following Hannah's outdoor adventures, you definitely should. They are entertaining as all heck. Check out her Facebook page HERE.

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