Tessa Cosens

Maryland Woman Sets New State Muskie Record

Tessa Cosens lands the fish of a lifetime and sets a new muskie state record for Maryland in the process.

May 6 is a date Tessa Cosens will likely never forget. It was on that day, months into a pregnancy but finally feeling well enough to go fishing, that she hooked into a brute of a muskie that set a new Maryland (nontidal) record. Cosens, 26, who hails from Hagerstown, was casting for muskie on the banks of the upper Potomac River with her fiancée and a couple of friends, when something big smashed her double-spinner bait in mid-retrieve.

Maryland muskie record

"I knew it as soon as it hit my line," Cosens said. "It instantly started pulling drag and heading down, and then she shot straight up, breached and belly-flopped, and we all looked at each other and knew this was an incredible fish and would be an incredible fight."

Knowing they had a possible record-setting fish, the group of anglers began Googling what to do. They eventually took the muskie to a market shop which had a certified scale. When the dust cleared, Cosens' fish weighed 32.5 pounds and measured 49 inches in length. It's girth was 24-inches. This eclipsed the current record of 31-pound, 12-ounces, caught by Kenneth Files in 2011.

Maryland muskie record

On May 10, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources confirmed the state-record catch in a press release.

Images Courtesy of Tessa Cosens.

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