Lake St. Clair Muskie

Monster Lake St. Clair Muskie Literally Swallows Lure Whole

Here's a fishing trifecta: monster muskie, disappearing lure, and a picture-perfect hook removal.

There's nothing more thrilling than hooking a trophy muskie. This "fish of ten thousands casts' swims at the top of the food chain, and catching a beast measuring more than fifty-inches is generally regarded as a crowning moment.

This trio of anglers were casting big baits into the chilly water of Lake St. Clair on December 4. A swift swing of the rod and a beast of a fish was hooked. And as you'll see, it was definitely hooked. Talk about taking a lure deep!

Here's the thrilling footage (and the picture-perfect release):

This puts a new spin on "can you open up and say ahh?"

Unhooking a trophy 'ski that is hooked deeply is a delicate operation. It's easy to kill a fish if you're not careful. These guys were definite pros, and this beast is back safely in the drink to do battle with another angler one day.

For those wondering, this muskie measured a whopping 53 5/8 inches with a chunky 25-inch girth. Now that's a fish of a lifetime.