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No Cell Phone Signal Where you Hunt or Fish? You Need a SPOT

cell phone signal

You know your other half absolutley hates it when they can't reach you.

Want to know where the best fishing is? Just travel up or downstream far enough until your cell phone signal drops. That's where the good fish are. Want to know where to find the best hunting for any species? It's the same answer, just in the woods. Unfortunately, for our loved ones back home, from the time we leave the truck to when we get back to a cell phone signal can be a nerve-racking experience. No cell phone service is not only a problem for them, though. It can be flat out dangerous for you as well.

With this in mind, there's one company out there doing something about this common problem. SPOT is a global satellite messenger service. Once SPOT is activated, one-way messaging can be sent to loved ones, letting them know you're okay, or GPS location signals can be sent to emergency responders at the push of a button, letting them know if you aren't.

For somebody like my wife, this would provide peace of mind for some of the places I find myself. I imagine a lot of you can understand the importance of that.

Right now through Dec. 31, you can purchase this life-saving device for only $75. How in the world can you go wrong?


No Cell Phone Signal Where you Hunt or Fish? You Need a SPOT