Vimeo/Sovran Media

New Short Film 'Off the Water' Makes Fishing Out to Be Even Better Than We Thought

"Off the Water" shows us the best of what fishing has to offer.

Sometimes a fishing video is about more than just fishing. But it still focuses in on the best of what the hobby has in store for those who venture into its rabbit hole.

This one, "Off the Water," highlights one of the many reasons people pick it up, and the subject can really hit home for anyone, beginner or experienced.

Created by Sovran Media, and recently released on Vimeo, here's "Off the Water."

The inspiration to fish, and the spread of that into the rest of your life, is what's really going to make a difference. It's what draws so many of us, in a singular fashion that's still varied among the individual. There's nothing fake about it.

Not only is it produced, shot, and edited like a good fly fishing short film should, this is one of the more simplistically great content we've seen in the genre.