fishing in Kamloops
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Why Fly Fishing in Kamloops, BC, is Worth It in Less Than 2 Minutes

If this video doesn't make you want to go fly fishing in Canada immediately, nothing will.

Kamloops offers some of the most diverse still-water fishing in all of British Columbia. Boasting beautiful geography and more than 100 highly productive lakes within a one-hour drive, this is what you call a fisherman's paradise.

Fly fishermen find this area especially fruitful, as it offers healthy populations of rainbow trout, lake trout, bull trout, brook trout and kokanee salmon.

Different lakes in the Kamloops area feature different strengths at different times of the year, meaning, in short, there's always somewhere to be fishing.

Even early winter offers top-notch ice fishing for rainbow trout, brook trout and kokanee, although some lakes, such as the famous Jacko Lake, are closed to ice fishing.

Watch the video below:

When people think fly fishing, they generally think trout swimming against swift currents in cold-water streams. But, still-water fly fishing in smaller lakes can offer just as many opportunities if done correctly.

"What gets me excited about still-water fishing is that even though the water and the structure never change, the fish, the bugs—everything can all change at the snap of your fingers," said one of the anglers in the video. "No two days are ever the same. I'll never totally figure it out; nobody will. That's what gets me going."

British Columbia already boasts an overwhelming volume of wildlife, so the thought of such a concentrated area with so many fishing opportunities is enough to make any outdoorsman salivate.

Additionally, the beauty of fishing somewhere that looks like British Columbia is that you'll never be disappointed. Even if this absurd number of fishing lakes doesn't pan out, you'll still be able to enjoy some of the best scenery North America has to offer.

Are you ready to plan your next fly fishing trip now?