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Check Out These 4 New Danner Boots Just Released for Fall 2017

We all know it. Danner boots are a high standard. 

Deer season is right around the corner, and now is the time to start gearing up and getting ready. As all hunters know, if you your feet aren't taken care of while out in the backcountry, the whole hunt can be over before it starts. Thankfully, Danner boots have a brand new lineup ready for this year's hunt.

Optifade Subalpine

Danner Boots

This all new Danner boot is made for those hunters who need to get in close around tight vegetation. With an eight inch high ankle boot called the High Ground, and a regular boot called the Gila, you are covered. Seeing as these boots are waterproof and abrasion resistant for dealing with climbing jagged rocks, they get the job done. For only $200, you get one heck of a good boot.


Danner Boots

Do you hunt in the backcountry and don't want to have to worry about your feet? These brand new Powderhorns are what you are looking for. These Danner boots are non-insulated but they are still waterproof to keep your feet dry. If you are walking long distances and need something comfortable so you aren't feeling every step a few miles in, you can't get much better, especially for $240.


Danner boots

The Vital just might be the perfect combo between a hunting boot and a hiking boot. They are super light, comfortable, and built to be walked in for miles. These aren't just a one trick pony either. If your land has water, fields, timber, or rocks, that's what these boots were designed for. If you hunt multiple areas throughout the year, these are for you. For only $160, you will be very happy.

Women's High Ground

Danner Boots

Alright, ladies, here you go. Yes, Danner makes superior boots designed for female hunters as well. These were made to be an athletic boot, designed to allow the hunter to go for a long way with little foot fatigue. Like most Danner boots, they also have a GORE-TEX liner to keep her feet dry while still allowing comfort and breathability. Starting at $170, these may be some of the last hunting boots she will ever buy.