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Blind Gun Dealer Gets 8 Years For Possessing Unregistered Anti-Tank Gun

If you are going to try to own an anti-tank gun, make sure you are being legal about it.

A blind gun store owner out of Georgia has been sentenced to eight years of hard time in prison for illegally possessing an anti-tank gun. As strange as all that is to read, the story actually gets a little weirder. Mark Mann, the owner and operator of The Rifleman gun store, had a routine inspection from the ATF back in 2013. It was then that agents discovered over 100 guns that had not been properly registered. 

Shortly thereafter, a criminal investigation began and several other store employees were indicted. Multiple entries in the store's log had been manipulated, and charges started flying. According to the report, suspects in the case then started turning on Mann. As they alleged, he directed them to cook the books and even go so far as to destroy evidence.

In Mann's defense, his attorney told the court that he couldn't be held responsible because he was blind. As his defense continued, it was his employee's not following directions that lead to the arrests and therefore, not his fault. The court, however, felt differently.

Out of all the criminal charges Mann was facing, it was the possession of the anti-tank gun that hit him the hardest. Owning and maintaining "dangerous weapons" with an intent to sell them is a big deal, especially when you're on the wrong side of the law.

As you can see from the Rifleman's Instagram page below, it was listed for $10,000.



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Blind Gun Dealer Gets 8 Years For Possessing Unregistered Anti-Tank Gun