giant hammerhead

Drone Footage Captures Giant Hammerhead Hunting Blacktip Sharks Off Florida Coast

If there is one shark besides a great white that captures the imagination, it's a giant hammerhead. 

Very recently, I went fly fishing for mako sharks out in San Diego, California. As our guide kept telling us, they have been seeing a flat giant hammerhead in the area we were fishing on more than one occasion. We were excitedly watching the surf for a real big fin and a giant brown spot heading our way. Unfortunately, we never did get a shot at one, but several makos did make for a good trip.

Now, footage as emerged from Florida showing off a single giant hammerhead chasing other sharks right off the coast. We were fishing off the California coasts in very deep water. After watching this drone footage, perhaps we should have been much more shallow!

There is no doubt that is one of the biggest hammerheads I have ever seen. Considering those blacktips are five and six long themselves, that giant hammerhead is a monster.

Good Lord. Could you imagine hooking into that beast on a fly rod? That would be a fight for the ages and a shark like that would win.