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An 11-Year-Old Now Owns the Carp State Record in Vermont

carp state record
Vermont Fish & Wildlife

This state record carp is no joke! 

Chase Stokes of Ferrisburgh, Vermont is an accomplished angler. To make this story even more interesting, he is only 11 years old. Very recently, Stokes caught a brand new carp record for the state of Vermont, and this thing is a monster.

Besides the picture at the top, Stokes also runs his own YouTube channel. As luck would have it, he was able to record his record carp on video. 

That's pretty incredible right? He's already out there thanking his sponsors and supporters. That sure tells you where the fishing industry is at right now, for better or worse. Regardless, this carp state record weighed in at 33.25 pounds and was 40 inches long. That's a big carp no matter where it was caught. 

Per several reports, Stokes took his giant carp to a taxidermist and is getting it mounted to hang on his wall at home.

Even though it's an ugly old carp, who could blame him! I would have got it mounted, too!


An 11-Year-Old Now Owns the Carp State Record in Vermont