You Need Spinning Gear to Catch River Smallmouth, Right?

Looking to challenge yourself as a bass angler?

Schultz Outfitters combines modern day Michigan with hints of A River Runs Through It.

In the simplest of summaries, Mike Schultz displays how you can fly fish for smallmouth in the streams of your backyard. There's much more to this story than meets the eye, however.

A perfect ending sums up this video. Arbor Brewing Co., a craft beer company, adds a fitting touch to the moral of this narrative. We live in a world where corporate America dominates our advertisements and giant companies own the market. But there's a growing desire for things like artfully crafted local brews, and hand tied flies. Schultz Outfitters showcases a wonderfully elegant account of this type of yearning. We exist in a time where online relationships with people, places, and things envelope our sense of reality.

At the end of the day, though, it is our closest connections to family, friends, and sentimental belongings that give us pleasure in life. Enticing a wild smallmouth to bite a homemade lure, and kicking back with buddies while sipping on flavorful, hoppy ales uniquely exhibits this paradigm shift.