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Baitin’ On A Budget: How To Make Homemade Lures

For many anglers, learning to fish on a budget is almost as important as memorizing the best techniques for landing a trophy fish. Between fishing rods, boat upkeep costs, and clothing and gear, fishing can be an expensive hobby. If you are looking for a place to cut costs, look no further than homemade lures. With a few everyday household items and a little bit of craftsmanship, you can create an innovative supply of lures without spending a buck. Here are a few ways to make it happen.

1) The spoon lure:

If you have an abundance of silverware lying around, why not repurpose a few pieces of it to make a shiny new selection of lures? Using little more than stainless steel spoons, thread, glue, feathers, and a few metalworking tools, you will be able to transform that spoon you’ve been using for years as a coffee stirrer into an elegant and eye-catching lure. (Trust us: it will catch the fish’s eye, too.) Simply cut the handle off, sand the edge, and drill a few holes in either end, and the spoon will be ready to go. Add a fishhook, some thread, and a few colorful feathers, and you have a ready-to-go fishing lure.

spoon-lurePhoto via The Wonder Forest

2) The woodblock lure template:

Unless you are just getting started as a fisherman, chances are you’ve seen a fair share of lures in your time. You know what store-bought lures look like – ostensibly, like small baitfish – and you know which lures have worked for you in the past and which haven’t. The best thing about making your own lures is that you can use your old stand-bys as templates for your own creations. Trace the outline of your retired lure and take note of the thickness, weight, and feel. Then, use those specs as a template for the new lure. Transfer the outline to a small block of wood – like you might find at a hardware store or a construction site – and then work at sawing, cutting, and carving that woodblock into the shape of your favorite lures from fishing trips gone by. Add a colorful paint job and a few fishhooks, and your lure is ready to go.

wood blockPhoto via How to Make Fishing Lures

3) Jerkbait stick lure:

It’s not elegant in the least, but if you are looking to save money on fishing lures, this minnow look-alike may appeal. With the same general concept as the woodblock lure template – but considerably less time required in the woodworking stages – the jerkbait stick lure requires little more than a small stick of wood, a drill, a paper clip, some paint or nail polish, and of course, a fishook. Simply break and carve your stick down to the general size and shape of a minnow, then drill a lengthwise hole through the center for the paperclip, which you can loop at one end to attach to your line and at the other to secure the fishing hook. Nail polish can provide a nice layer of waterproof coating that will make your lures last longer.

jerkbaitPhoto via Living Apex

4) Cork lure:

Are you a wine drinker? Make good use of your corks and turn them into lures for bass fishing. Simply cut the cork lengthwise with a sharp knife, stopping before you cross the mid-point, then insert a long fishing hook into the cut before gluing it all back together. You can also decorate your cork with paint or googly eyes to make it a more attractive sight for fish.

cork-lurePhoto via World Fishing Network

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Baitin’ On A Budget: How To Make Homemade Lures