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Need a Fly Fishing Vacation? Here are 500,000 Reasons to Fish Pennsylvania

A fly fishing vacation to this state includes 500,000 stocked trophy trout. Just sayin'. 

Every year, Pennsylvania stocks 3.15 million trout in their state's native waters. First off, that's a whole lot of trout. It's no wonder that Pennsylvania is top fly fishing vacation getaway for many across the country. However, this year, the state is going to stock 500,000 "trophy sized" fish in those same streams and rivers across the state. In other words, if you want your chance at a 20-inch rainbow, Pennsylvanica is the place to be.

In its second year for the program, Pennsylvania is set to deliver another stellar year of fishing opportunities of for locals and tourists alike. The state considers trophies to be in the 14-20-inch range for brookies, browns, and rainbows.

"We want anglers to know that great trout fishing continues through spring into June and picks up again in the fall when water temperatures start to cool," said Brian Wisner, the director of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Bureau of Hatcheries in an interview

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On top of all that stocking already, Pennsylvania is also going to stock 8,700 trophy golden rainbows across the state as well. Each one of these fish will be over 14-inches long and at least one and half pounds before release.

There's little doubt that if you need a fly fishing vacation long weekend, Pennsylvania is flat out the place to be.