Nearly Half a Million Pets Adopted in 2017 Thanks to PetSmart and Its Charities

Retailer PetSmart played a major role in pet adoption, getting nearly half a million pets adopted in 2017 alone. 

When you last went to PetSmart, did you stop to take a look at the adoptable pets in the store? In-store adoptions were wildly successful in 2017, with nearly half a million pets adopted thanks to the program. The in-store adoption program helped 560,000 pets to find new homes, as they were adopted out from over 1,600 PetSmart locations in the U.S. and Canada.

Rather than selling cats and dogs in their stores, pet retailer PetSmart made the decision to work with local shelters to promote adoption, instead. Since the retail chain opened in the 1980s, it's helped to connect pet owners and shoppers with adoptable pets, giving the pets increased visibility than they have in many shelters. PetSmart and PetSmart Charities have helped 7.8 million pets to find homes so far.


According to PetSmart, kittens were the most adopted pet from the stores during 2017. However, more adult dogs were adopted out than puppies. In Texas, more than 60,000 pets were adopted, making it the leading state for pet adoptions. Houston itself was the leading city for adoptions, and PetSmart stores in Houston adopted out over 5,800 pets.

In addition to facilitating adoptions within stores, PetSmart Charities provided funding to non-profits aligned with the charity's mission. So far, PetSmart Charities has donated about $300 million in grant support.

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