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Nanny Says She Stole Couple’s Cat to Save it From Euthanasia

Tigger is safe! I'm honestly not sure I wouldn't do this. This Long Island nanny, Rebecca Katz, is being accused of stealing her client's cat. She's facing charges and saying the only way to save this cat was to bring it home with her. The client would threaten the cat all the time about "the needle" and Katz would go home and cry.

Katz didn't agree with her client's decision to euthanize their senior cat. The cat is 15-years-old and according to the client is in pain due to medical issues.

Well, the cat is now happy and safe. Without the nanny, this cat clearly wouldn't have survived this long.

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Tigger is a priority for Katz and will be seen as a hero with many that read this story. It's hard to imagine this cat was in so much pain it needed to be put down if Katz now claims Tigger is happy and healthy.

Crazy cat lady or animal hero? I say, hero.

According to News 12 Long Island, Katz said the client threatened her cat all the time.

"This is a good animal and he deserves better. Euthanasia convenience is a real thing and people need to be aware of it."

"She would threaten him with the needle almost every single day and I would go home and cry," Katz said. "I just want him to be protected, that's all."

Katz implies that the cat was being euthanized simply due to old age. This is a story about quality of life and you all can decide if this is the right thing to do or do you leave the decision to the pet owner even if they're making a very bad decision. This is also why many animals are given up to animal shelters so I feel like Katz just adopted a senior cat that likely has many more days ahead.

This Long Island nanny should be given a break and the family's cat now lives to see another day. We all must decide what the well being of our animal's lives looks like but I'd really want to do the same thing if I was the nanny!

Tigger now will receive more cuddles, purrs, and snuggles in the coming months. Let's use social media if you agree with me! This is a cat she now has a relationship with and Tigger is saved. This is Katz's best friend.

Thanks to local news for bringing this to our attention.

Did you adopt a kitten or cat from a shelter? We'd love to see pictures! Please leave a comment below!

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