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79-Year-Old Woman Will Not Serve Jail Time for Feeding Stray Cats

Update: This is the best news ever.

A judge has suspended the jail sentence for a 79-year-old Garfield Heights woman. 

Fox8 News reports that animal advocates and the Garfield Heights Animal Warden have visited the property the past several days to remove stray cats and kittens. Debra Bartowick with the animal rescue Forever Friends, told FOX 8 she hopes by removing the cats it will help spare Segula time behind bars.

The judgment requires Segula to remove items in her yard that provide shelter for animals and stop feeding animals.

Original story published on July 30, 2019. 

This senior cannot spend time in jail for feeding stray cats. Please share this if you feel the same way and let's make sure her sentence is a fine or something less than ten days in jail. How is this even a law? Neighbors complained?

There are so many reasons this is horrible. First, her neighbor left the cats behind and she didn't want them to starve. Second, she's a 79-year-old woman and they're making her sit behind bars because she's a cat lover?

Nancy Segula lives in Garfield Heights, Ohio. Her neighbor left the cats and they ended up on her back porch. After four citations she was sentenced to ten days in the county jail. In Garfield Heights, it is illegal to feed stray cats. So this is the law but how can you send this lady to jail for TEN DAYS?

Fox 8 News interviewed the family.

"I couldn't believe what my mother was telling me. She gets 10 days in the county jail, I couldn't believe it," said Dave Pawlowski, her son. "I'm sure people hear about the things that happen downtown in that jail. And they are going to let my 79-year-old mother go there?"

Watch this news segment by News 8.

There must be something we can do! Please share this post and perhaps if enough people share this the judge will decide to re-visit the case.

The Cuyahoga County Jail is not a place for a senior citizen that hasn't been convicted of an actual crime. The animal warden needs to re-think this immediately.

What a terrible fate for this woman, please let us know your thoughts about this post. Leave a comment below with your story. 

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