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Introducing the MTT-136, the Snow Machine to End All Snow Machines

The MTT-136 is a unique hybrid of a snowmobile, dog sled, ATV, and tank.

Developed by French Canadian engineer Yvon Martel, the MMT-136 is basically a motorized tank tread with handlebars.

MMT-136 stands for “My Track Technology”, along with the 136-inch motorized tread. It’s a straightforward pulling device that’s capable of cruising over rugged terrain, including ice and deep snow.

See the MMT-136 in action in the video below.

What would you use it for? Well, if you’re an ice fisherman or rural property owner, the possibilities are endless. It can haul gear and firewood, move logs, pull trailers, plow snow, push cars, crawl through feet of snow, and so much more.


Better yet, this motorized tread device, or whatever you want to call it, is highly maneuverable. The handle bars have a vertical tilt, so it can be driven standing up like a dog sled, sitting down, or even in the prone position.


The only real drawback I see why this thing compared to snowmobiles is that it doesn’t rip through deep snow.

That aside, the MMT-136 appears to be a highly versatile creation. Martel is currently looking for manufactures and distributors for the design. If he’s successful, we might see it frozen lakes, ranches and even city streets in the coming years.


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Introducing the MTT-136, the Snow Machine to End All Snow Machines