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5 Things Your Granddad Wished He Had “When He Was Your Age”

There’s no denying technological advances over the last decades have changed a thing or two. We think your granddad might be onto something. 

We’ve come an awful long way from your granddad’s youth. Everything from survival gear to hunting stands has almost completely changed. Whether you try to stay true to your granddad’s ways or you love testing out the new gadgets unveiled every year, chances are, you’ve dreamed of the good ol’ days, too.

Here are five things your granddad definitely wished he had when he was your age.

1. Bug Spray

People have been trying to control insects since the beginning of recorded time. But skin-safe insect repellent that actually works contains a man-made ingredient called DEET, first synthesized in 1955. Your granddad almost definitely didn’t have it when he was your age, and your dad might not have, either.

Check out this 1960s commercial for Off!

2. Water Purification


If you don’t carry an easy water filtration system with you on a backcountry hunt, you’re missing out on the one of the most convenient survival resources available to us today. Devices like LifeStraw have made their name by being portable, easy, and consistently functional. Our granddads never had this luxury out in the field.

3. A modern pickup truck


It’s not that your granddad didn’t have a truck; it’s that he didn’t have the twenty-first century, cutting edge truck like a Ram. When you can tow up to 10,640 pounds, have a  1,378-pound payload capacity, and do it on a best in class fuel efficiency, a Ram 1500 leaves any classic truck in the dust.

4. International Outdoors Community

Group of hunters walking on the field in winter

Yeah, your granddad might have grown up surrounded by his core group of fishing buddies – those who went out on the water, rain or shine. All the stories and legends he heard were just that: stories and legends, through word of mouth.

In today’s interconnected society, you can interact with outdoorsmen and women across the globe to trade tips, bust myths, and just talk shop instantly. That’s a tremendous luxury that didn’t exist 30 years ago.

5. Navigation Systems

traveler exploring map with compass in sunny forest in the mount

This is a double-edged sword. That public land hunting spot that’s been in your family for years probably isn’t so secret anymore with today’s advanced navigation systems and Google Earth. However, you’ve probably also found new spots through careful research, and you’re rarely, if ever, lost in the field.

We still recommend always carrying a map and compass, though, and we’d bet your granddad would agree with that, too.


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5 Things Your Granddad Wished He Had “When He Was Your Age”