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5 Face-Melting Sleds to Take on Your Next Downhill Rush

The days of trashcan lids and backwards shovels are over.

Sledding, the lazy cousin of snowboarding and third class citizen to skiing, right? Not anymore. Just because it can be done on a crushed cardboard box or plastic lid doesn't mean it shouldn't have the attention of aerodynamic engineering or runway caliber styling.

If you want to truly rule the powdery hills, consider one of these slick machines for your next adventure.

We've compiled a list of the five coolest sleds to hit the market. Pick one out and race for the hills in Clark Griswold's "new amateur land speed record" setting style.

5. The Stiga Snowracer SX Pro

This hybrid offspring is the result of crossbreeding a BMX bike, a snowmobile, and skis. The result is one slick and fast troublemaker.

The handlebar style allows for active steering while the side tracks make it possible to crouch on. This allows the user to do anything from hill jumps to back flips.

4. The Hammerhead PRO

The Hammerhead makes some seriously slick sled rides, and the Pro might just be the king of sleds, but that is for you to judge.

The company website boasts "Ferrari-like handling," and aerospace inspiration as features that come infused in this downhill jet. While maintaining a hint of classic styling Hammerhead refers to it as "your grandpa's sled on steroids."

Clearly designed for comfort and speed, this sled also accepts a number of custom accessories offered by the company.

3. The Mad River Rocket


The Rocket appears classically simple but has a hidden agenda. The makers describe it as "the ultimate sled." Why? The answer is in the simplicity.

The Mad River Rocket is designed to be knelt in while straps secure your legs in place. This allows for serious aggressiveness on the hills and acrobatic capabilities. And unlike other sleds in the category, this one is light enough to pack in to some more remote terrains.

Not enough? The design can double as a gear hauler on your search for fresh powder.

2. The Molson Runner Alpine Classic Snow Sled

So you're not in to acrobatics and sky-scraping jumps on your sled? That's fine wit,h us and no reason not to still hit the hill in style. If you prefer the finer things in life, then consider the Molson Runner Alpine Classic Snow Sled.

A mixture of beauty, integrity, bamboo, and aerospace aluminum runners gives this sled a place on our list. It's classically styled but also speedy and functional. The bamboo deck is designed to last a lifetime and the runners can be waxed to match the condition of the pack you're riding atop of.

Though this sled will likely outlast you, should any part become damaged, everything is completely replaceable. The 500-pound weight limit also means this sled can hold more than you.

1. The Carbon Fiber Snolo Stealth-X

If the Batmobile didn't have AWD, then the Dark Knight would certainly get through the winter on this sled.

This Snolo sled is made from carbon fiber (yes, carbon fiber) to reduce weight, drag, and friction. Speed reports have this sled topping the hills at over 40 mph.

With seat and foot pegs, the designer says the rider sits back in it like a motorcycle, leaning into curves and carving to turn. What's even more interesting is that at only 9 pounds, the sled breaks down so it can be packed uphill for some serious runs.

There you have it. If you think your days of sledding are over, then it's time to review this list once more and get outside. All the sleds featured in this list are suitable for adults, and in some cases recommended only for adults who are looking to match the feel of skiing or snowboarding, just while atop of a sled.

If none of these sleds ignite your inspiration then don't despair, the trusty plastic dish or three-man toboggan is always waiting.


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5 Face-Melting Sleds to Take on Your Next Downhill Rush