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MTN DEW Partnering With Country Star Chase Rice to Award $200,000 in Outdoor Grants

MTN Dew is set to award $200,000 to Conservation with their Outdoor Grant program.

The importance funding conservation and helping to preserve our treasured outdoor spaces through education and outreach simply cannot be understated. For the second year in a row, MTN Dew is recognizing this, and they are partnering with country music star and outdoor enthusiast Chase Rice for their expanded Outdoor Grant program to help with conservation projects.

MTN Dew recently announced they are doubling their efforts from last year. They are now planning to give away $200,000 to nonprofits across the country to help in their efforts to preserve and protect the great outdoors.

In a press release, MTN Dew announced the money will be doled out in 40 grants of $5,000 each. The criteria for applying are the money must go to a registered 501(c)(3) organization. More specifically, MTN Dew is hoping to award grants to programs that work on things like access to the great outdoors, conservation of wildlife habitat or organizations that work to increase participation such as a women's hunting club.

"If the organization focuses on conservation of outdoor spaces, increases participation in outdoor activities, or facilitates access to the outdoors, we want to hear about it," their website reads.

Interested organizations can apply directly, but MTN Dew is also giving the public the chance to nominate one. To help celebrate the project and to hopefully provide some inspiration. Dew partnered with Rice to produce a short music video with the country star performing "America the Beautiful." You can watch that video above.

"This classic song perfectly sums up everything that makes the American Heartland special," Rice said in a press release. "I'm proud to collaborate with MTN DEW as a DEW Outdoor ambassador to help support even more organizations who protect these lands for future generations to come."

Rice will also be the leader of a panel of judges who will select the winning organizations. Those will be announced in January 2022. Anyone interested in applying their organization for a grant, or nominating one they feel is worthy can do so through

There will also be "Get Out and Do" prizes given away through the site. For a chance at the prizes, simply volunteer or donate time for chances at prizes like a new 2022 Ford F-150. The promotion ends on November 19, so get your entries in early.

"Community nonprofit organizations are at the forefront of preserving and protecting the outdoor spaces where DEW Nation pursues their passions," Pepsico Chief Marketing Officer Jill Abbott said in a press release. "Throught MTN DEW Outdoor Grants, we're looking to support and raise awareness of local nonprofits across the Heartland who have faced a difficult and uncertain year, and are often overlooked."

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