Mountain Dew Outdoor Stimulus

Mountain Dew Giving Away $1 Million in Prizes For "Great Outdoor Stimulus"

Your outdoor passes, hunting, and fishing licenses could earn a gift card!

More people are turning to the outdoors than ever before as an escape during these trying times. Now, Mountain Dew wants to make that even easier with their $1 million "Outdoor Stimulus Program." The news comes hot on the heels of their new "Catch the Big One Promotion."

For the Outdoor Stimulus, MTN DEW is giving away 40,000 instant win prizes in the amount of $25 each in the form of eGift card. This card can then be spent on outdoor adventures however the winner chooses.

All you need to enter is an outdoor pass of some kind. This means a hunting or fishing license, or some other form of outdoor permit. This includes things like a boating license, ATV license, National Parks Pass, skiing or snowboarding passes, and backcountry wilderness permits.

To enter the contest, simply visit, scan an image of your valid outdoor pass, and you could instantly win a $25 eGift card. Winners will be notified immediately via a message on the screen. Contestants can play once per day from now until the contest ends on June 12. The same pass can be used more than once to enter if you do not win the first time.

Winners also have the option of helping a good cause in the outdoor world instead of an eGift card. MTN DEW is working with six different organizations on this promotion. In lieu of a prize, winners can select instead that a $25 donation is made to either Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Outdoor Afro, Pheasants Forever, Protect Our Waters, River Network, or Team Rubicon. Sounds like a good way to make use of our old licenses and permits while helping give to a good cause at the same time.

To enter for your chance to win and more information and rules on the contest, see

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