Mouse Tries to Get a Rise out of the Cat to No Avail

Apparently not every feline is a born predator.

A game of cat and mouse rarely ends well for the mouse, but the rules seem to have changed for this house kitty and her unexpected acquaintance. Cats chase mice—it's just what they do. They hunt them down, tease them, kill them, and usually leave them as presents for their favorite humans. That's what you'd expect to happen between your cat and a mouse, but it isn't always the case.

In this funny cat video, a family's cat wants nothing to do with a wild rodent. The cat sits calmly licking itself clean while a rogue rodent gathers its courage. There's no knowing what prompts the mouse to go on what should have been a suicide mission, but it shows no fear as it runs up to the cat and even jumps toward the feline's face. It's like the mouse is trying to push the cat into attacking. It does its best to stir up trouble, but the cat refuses to take part in the game.

At first the cat doesn't want to acknowledge the furry presence sitting in front of her. She goes on licking her paws as if nothing's there. Tired of being ignored, the mouse takes matters into its own tiny paws. The miniature instigator eventually forces its known enemy into reacting, but it still isn't what you think. Instead of springing into action with claws out, the cat acts more afraid than fierce. The cat's owner is watching the bizarre interaction the whole time, and she eventually coaxes her peaceful pet to come inside where it's safe.

Hunting mice and other small creatures is a natural instinct for cats, but having a cat that would rather play than pounce is okay too. Not all cats give in to their inner predator. This cat's reaction to interacting with a mouse isn't exactly normal, but it's also nothing to worry about. At least this cat's owner will never have to deal with finding icky little presents at her front door.

Does your cat hunt mice? Let us know in the comments.

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