Motorcyclist Survives Scary Crash in Texas

Further proof that proper riding gear is always the best way to go!

The motorcycle gods were definitely looking out for a rider in Plano, Texas recently during a scary crash, which was all caught on video. In what has become an all too familiar scene these days, the crash was a result of a driver running a red light.

The rider was in a group of traffic stopped at the light, and the sequence of the crash is frightening. As the lead cars take off, a Chevrolet Camaro runs the light t-boning a Toyota RAV4 pushing it sideways into a Ford Fusion.

The scary part comes when the rider also gets hit and is thrown from his bike giving him an up-close look at the underside of the RAV4. Based on the timing of the rider's green light, our money is on the Camaro driver being distracted.

Fortunately, he was wearing his helmet and protective gear, so he was able to move himself out of the road. The bike, on the other hand, did sustain some road rash with broken body work, but it was still drivable... he drove it away from the crash scene!

If he didn't have a camera on his helmet, hearing the story told wouldn't even seem real.