Bro-ing Out of Control: A Visual Study in Australian Road Rage

Feast your eyes on 100 seconds of Australian bro-tastic road rage glory.

Goofball driver cutting across traffic? Check. Shirtless dude with road rage? Check. Can of beer thrown? Check. Awkward bout of fisticuffs caught on tape? Quadruple check.

Road rage exists all across the globe, as seen in this wide-angled streetcam view of a couple bros in Sydney, Australia, duking it out. Apparently the shirtless guy (of course there had to be one guy with his shirt off) didn't like a certain Jeep cutting into a traffic jam. He runs up to the driver, pulls open the door, and a display of awkward testosterone-driven road rage ensues.

Check out the video below. Prepare for so much bro-on-bro fighting.

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