Traffic in California is Mostly Due to Trucks

Not surprisingly, Los Angeles County, California produces some of the worst truck traffic jams in the country.

According to an American Transportation Research Institute study, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, seven of the top 65 bottlenecks reside in California, with two of the top 15 in Los Angeles County.

The area's notorious traffic conditions are so bad that the region won the worst-congestion title for six straight years by INRIx, a transportation analytics firm.

Specifically, officials said the 710 - 105 interchange in Paramount ranked 13th, and the 60 Freeway interchange with 57 ranked fifth.

The study assesses 300 locations throughout the country, using 800,000 heavy-duty truck's worth of GPS data. With over six million semis registered in the U.S., it's no surprise that many of our most heavily-trafficked shipping routes become overrun during peak hours.

Stakeholders, such as California's Trucking Association, a trade association for commercial trucks, have cited loss of revenue as a by-product, not simply inconveniences, along with a plea to lawmakers to help the trucking industry.

"Congestion costs trucking billions of dollars and harms our economy. ATRI's report makes clear where the biggest issues lie, and we urge policymakers to quickly address them with much-needed investment," said California Trucking Association CEO Shawn Yadon, in a statement.

Road conditions aside, the latest news from the worst congested area of America shouldn't really surprise anyone who's driven in it. Traffic problems will almost always exist here and in plenty of other places, and the time it takes to travel through them can really only be alleviated, never eliminated.


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