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Moose Tries to Hide Himself With Natural Camo

When a moose tries this hard to hide himself, just take the video and be happy.

With Halloween quickly approaching, and everyone trying to find that perfect costume, enter one enterprising moose that is done looking. If you're in the market for a ghillie suit then maybe you should just take a cue from this moose.

It's possible that this moose—the largest member of the deer family—was simply taking home a snack from the local drive-through, but he may have been too tall for it.

In any event, here is a scenario that most folks don't get to see up close. And if you are this fortunate, do what this person did and take some video!

Here's how a moose looks when it thinks that you can't see him:

This isn't the first time that we've seen a deer or a moose, or some other form of ungulate wandering around with something stuck to its antlers, but you can usually see at least some part of its head.

Even with a half-bale of hay on his head, that big Cervidae still managed to see well enough to jump the fence and keep right on going.

Let's just hope that he was able to get himself clear of that jungle not long after that.

Have you ever seen a deer or a moose with something stuck to its head?

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