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Ever Have One of Those “Deer Stuck in the Grill” Days? [VIDEO]

These folks had a collision and ended up with a deer stuck in the grill, but that was just the beginning of the story.

These residents of New Castle, Delaware hit a deer and thought it was dead. To their amazement, it was stuck in their vehicle’s grill and was still alive!

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They took the deer to the local police station to get help. After freeing the deer, things got weird.


The police helped remove the deer from the grill and contacted SPCA for support. They freed the animal and took it to a local farm to release it. While they waited for the deer to recover from the tranquilizer, some guy pulled over on the nearby road and proceeded to discharge a firearm out of his vehicle. We don’t know what his target was, and we may never know.

It turns out he was a convicted felon and had two shotguns and ammo in his vehicle, so the police kindly removed them from his possession.

The moral of the story: Get a deer stuck in the grill of your Buick, because the cops might be there when a convicted felon shoots out of his SUV window.


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Ever Have One of Those “Deer Stuck in the Grill” Days? [VIDEO]