giant bull moose

Remember When a Giant Bull Moose Visited This House on Halloween?

A giant bull moose and cow nonchalantly visit a house coincidentally on Halloween. 

A giant bull moose and cow prevented several trick-or-treaters from visiting this house on Halloween because they dominated the space on the front porch. Andy Shields of Anchorage Alaska said, "Kids had a tough go at our house," according what he posted on Facebook the next day.

The two giant moose ravaged the pumpkins on the front porch and who knows what else in the yard.

Watch the video below:

What do you even do in this situation? I suppose you just wait it out and hope the damages from these giant Alaskan moose are kept at a minimum. The big bull and cow eventually meandered off, but not without consuming a majority of the pumpkins on the front porch.

Despite inconveniencing people on Halloween the moose are beautiful animals, and witnessing a moose trick-or-treat is an anomaly.

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