'Jughead' deer

'Jughead' Deer Tranquilized and Rescued by Maryland DNR

This 'Jughead' deer was tranquilized and freed after a whole week of being stuck in a pretzel jar.

Early last week the 'Jughead' deer was reportedly seen waltzing about with its head stuck in a jar.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources was notified that a deer in Bel Air South had been seen walking around East Ring Factory Road.

A concerned resident, Christopher Beauchamp, took pictures of the deer and immediately notified the DNR. You can see a showcase of the photos below:

DNR were able to tranquilize the deer Sunday evening releasing the deer from its constraint.

"We have him in hand. Standby," DNR Wildlife and Heritage Service director Paul Peditto posted on the community page.

The deer then tagged and released by DNR officers.

"I can confirm that our Wildlife Response Team successfully freed the deer from the container, monitored him for more than an hour until he recovered from the tranquilizer, and released him into the wild with two new ear tags," Gregg Bortz, public information officer for the Department of Natural Resources, wrote in an email Sunday evening.

Beauchamp first noticed the deer on January 19 walking around his community of Glenwood Park.

The deer looks to be a young buck as described by the officers, has piebald markings as well.

The reason DNR, however, did not attempt to tranquilize the deer earlier in the week is because there were high winds. The result would have been an inaccurate shot from a dart gun because the darts are so light.

The community rallied around finding Jughead and posted sightings of him whenever they could. They would, in turn, post the sightings on the community Facebook page as updates.

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