Man Fined Nearly $10,000 for Trophy Buck Shot Illegally

A Jefferson County, Tennessee man is fined nearly $10,000 after illegally shooting a trophy buck.

Clarence Robertson, 63, of New Market reportedly shot a buck from his driveway on Nov. 24. The deer was browsing in a neighboring hay field. Robertson then drove his truck into the hay field to retrieve the deer.

He was fined nearly $10,000, $750 per antler point on the buck.

Robertson pleaded guilty to shooting a deer across a public road and on a property he didn't have permission to hunt.

The court judge imposed a $50 fine, $269 in court costs and a restitution of $9,250 for the trophy buck.

A deer containing 11 antler points or more is a $1,000 fine plus $750 for each antler point.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency measured the deer, giving it a gross score of 143 6/8.

"It is probably the biggest buck I've ever seen in Jefferson County," said Jefferson County wildlife officer Wayne Rich.

Robertson's hunting privileges are suspended until he pays the fine.

The Jefferson County High School FFA Hunters for the Hungry Club paid for the deer to be processed and donated the meat to charity. Authorities returned the hide and antlers to the property owner where the deer was shot.

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