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Moose Tackle Barbed Wire Fences and Icy Road in Winter Obstacle Course

John Hemenway/YouTube

The struggle is real for moose when darn obstacles stand in their way.

We've all been there: a fence to climb over or an icy road to gingerly cross. And let's face it, neither of them are fun obstacles to tackle. Now what if you're a moose? Yes, the struggle is real.

John Hemenway shot this amazing footage of a mama moose and her yearling calf in Utah recently. And I'm thinking the age-old question of 'why did the chicken cross the road?' equally applies to moose. As you'll see, mom is a great teacher as she leads junior over the first of two barbed wire fences and tentatively tackles a skating-rink of a road.

Spoiler Alert: Mom is slightly more sure-footed than her little one.

Unlike whitetail deer that can leap great heights, moose have to rely on their massively long legs to straddle over obstacles. Unfortunately, not having a low center of gravity puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to staying steady on slick surfaces, as junior soon found out.

If this video is any indication of the beauty Utah holds, a visit is definitely in our travel plans. Simply stunning.

To see more of Hemenway's incredible wildlife videos, check out his YouTube channel here.


Moose Tackle Barbed Wire Fences and Icy Road in Winter Obstacle Course