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Mischievous Mink Attempts Brazen Daytime Fish Theft


This awesome video teaches us two things: mink love fresh fish, and boy, can they ever run fast!

An old proverb states: "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." After watching the following video, however, I'd say these words of wisdom certainly apply to mink as well.

This humorous video was shot on January 21, while a group of friends ice fished a small lake in Ontario, Canada. And as you'll see, the pile of freshly-caught brook trout was a treat too tempting to pass up for this brazen little fur ball of a mink.

And wait for this priceless line:

"Hey! Get back here, you little Scooby Doo!"

Perry Turcotte posted this fun footage of his Dad and friend Alex Burke to his Facebook page. And according to one of Turcotte's comments, the mink was pretty relentless in his blitz attacks:

"It wouldn't leave his fish alone for hours, they kept having to chase after it to get their fish back. Afterwards they just gave it a few fish heads then I guess he was satisfied, lol."

It goes to show you just never know what interesting experiences await when you drill a hole in the ice. Best to do like in bear country, though, and hang those fish up if you're keen on keeping your limit!

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Mischievous Mink Attempts Brazen Daytime Fish Theft