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Moose Shows Speed on Ski Slope in Race Against Snowboarders

Moose are sure-footed and speedy, as this brilliant Colorado ski hill video nicely shows.

When it comes to speed, moose aren't an animal to scoff at. Capable of running more than 30 miles per hour, these long-legged animals are known for the ability to kick it into overdrive when they need to. That apparently applies to ski slopes as well.

Speed was certainly evident on March 10, when a snowboarder shot a cell phone video of a moose cruising past her on the ski slopes. It happened in Breckenridge, Colorado, and we can only imagine how much of  surprise it was for her and her friend to experience.

One line from the video highlights this fact:

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"On my god, I don't know where to go!! Awwwww!"

And here's the footage:

Cheri, who goes by the name @cherbearox on Instagram, posted the video to her account were it quickly went viral.

This is definitely a first for us. Turning around, to spot a moose hurdling down the hill behind us, would most certainly be thrilling - and a little scary.

What's the craziest thing you've seen when swooshing down the slopes?