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Monster Michigan Buck Pigs Out on Pumpkins in Porch Cam Video

That's one way to dispose of Halloween pumpkins!

With Halloween come and gone, we know you're probably procrastinating on throwing out that Jack-O'-Lantern before it starts to rot and stink. It's a messy job no one wants to do. Well, maybe you'll get lucky and a friendly neighborhood deer will wander by and take care of it for you.

At least, that's what happened when a giant urban buck visited Jason Pittenger's house in Birmingham, Michigan recently. This monster buck is just wandering the streets when he spots some tasty pumpkins on the porch.

The house's porch cam rolls as the buck spends the next 12 minutes absolutely pigging out on the pumpkins, all while showing off his incredibly impressive antlers.

In case you ever wondered if deer really eat pumpkins or not, there is your answer. If baiting is legal in your state, you might consider tossing your leftover pumpkins in the wood where the deer will put them to good use as a tasty treat.

In case you're wondering, Birmingham, Michigan is just slightly northwest of Detroit. It's an almost entirely urban area with a few patches of woods and parks thrown in here or there. Once this video was posted to Facebook, others began posting photos and videos of the buck from years prior. Last year he had a large droptine on one side. It seems he is well-known in this part of Michigan.

It also seems likely that the relative safety of an urban environment has kept this buck alive. He appears to have an issue with one of his front legs that gives him a pronounced limp. Living in the city, he really does not have to worry about hunters or natural predators like coyotes. Smart deer.

The fact that this deer came up on a porch to feed is fun enough to watch, but the thing that makes it even better is the fact that this is the buck of a lifetime. What a beast! We hope the city's residents can capture some more footage of this deer as the rut starts to heat up in Michigan.

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