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Piebald Buck Walks Through Suburban Streets of Ohio

Facebook/FOX 8 News

This piebald buck deer is turning heads in a suburban neighborhood.

Ever seen a piebald deer? This rare coloration is quite a sight to see.

Watch this video of the piebald buck that walks the streets in Parma, Ohio.

Piebald deer in Parma

Oh deer! This isn't an albino deer. It's actually a piebald deer that was spotted in Parma today.

Posted by Fox 8 News on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hunters in Ohio are wishing this piebald buck was roaming their neck of the woods.

Reported on Facebook by Fox 8 News, this Piebald buck deer is wandering around a suburban neighborhood in Parma Ohio. This odd coloration deer is safe from everything in the suburbs except maybe the vehicle traffic or neighborhood dogs.

Before heading out into your hunting stand this season, look out your window. You just may witness something awesome if this piebald buck decides to make a stop in your yard.

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Piebald Buck Walks Through Suburban Streets of Ohio