selk'bag in realtree instinct

Gear Review: The Incredible New Selk’bag Instinct in Realtree Xtra

Learn all about the Selk'bag Instinct in Realtree Xtra in my personal review.

The great folks at Selk'bag sent me their most technical creation they have ever made. The Selk'bag Instinct in Realtree Xtra is just perfect for the outdoors enthusiast.

So what is exactly a Selk'bag, anyway? The way I figure it, it's is a sleeping bag with the freedom of insulated coveralls and more. If you feel claustrophobic all sealed up in a sleeping bag sarcophagus, the freedom of a Selk'bag (complete with arms, legs, and a hood) is just incredible.

In bear country, a Selk'bag will let you be ready to act in a moment's notice, instead of being stuck and helpless inside a bear burrito.

When I received the Selk'bag Instinct in Realtree Xtra, it was entirely rolled up in a stuff sack. The package is just a tad over 12" long and 10'' wide. When I opened the sack, I was in for a major surprise.

The Selk'bag Instinct is made with the hunter in mind. The Realtree Xtra camouflage will blend you into any woodland environment. The heavily insulated material is rated down to 19.6 degrees Fahrenheit, thanks to the advanced Insotec® Hotstream insulation.

The Selk'bag is ready for a camping trip, ice fishing shack, or deer blind, especially when the temperature starts to drop.

The Selk'bag takes the user's height into consideration, and it's worth pointing something out that I learned almost immediately.

I am 6' tall and was sent the extra large size for 6'2" to 6'5". If you are wearing this over bulky hunting clothes, the larger size is the way to go.

Dual entry zippers make getting in and out of the Selk'bag quite easy. There is an adjustable hood that will keep your head nice and toasty. The quick release hand system acts like a mitten that you can attach (with Velcro) to keep them out of your way. They're always at the ready.

A quick access pocket on the side is very handy. There is an inside cell phone pocket at chest level, plus the ingenious removable booties. The insulated baffle design keeps everything comfortable for four-season usage.

The microfiber shell is both comfortable and durable. You can even machine wash the Selk'bag, and it has a one-year warranty. 

So what are my personal thoughts on this active sleepwear? First off, boy, the Selk'bag Instinct is really warm! Make sure you try it on when it is a bit cooler, or it will be a quick experience. It is that warm.

My wife and I took it camping, and it was very comfortable when the chilly night air came rolling in. When my wife tried it on, it stayed on until the morning sun peaked out. Note to self: If you have another camper with you, it's better to have two Selk'bags...

For the sportsmen, the Selk'bag Instinct in Realtree Xtra would be perfect in a deer blind. Toss the Selk'bag in your hunting pack, and when you're at the right location, climb inside it.

This would also work extremely well with ice fishing, too. With full mobility, the Selk'bag really is a game changer when the snow starts blowing across the frozen wilds.

I highly recommend the Selk'bag Instinct in Realtree Xtra camouflage. This tough wearable is just perfect for most outdoor needs.

Check them out at the Selk'bag website and see the full line of exciting Selk'bag gear.