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Be Confident in the Snow with These Winter Weather Survival Steps

Winter weather can really put you in a survival situation quickly.

Use these steps to stay ahead of the winter weather.

Dress in layers.

It is easier to put on more coats or take them off instead of being cold wearing only one layer. This also goes for your legs; have thermal underwear or snow pants that will keep the wind from robbing your legs of heat.

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The outdoor-lover’s best friend! It will keep you warm even if you find yourself soaked from a freak rainstorm or a fall into a glacial river. Wool socks and gloves are especially a must in winter. Don’t leave home without them.

Thermal Underwear Men


A warm hat with ear covering.

It can be any type you prefer, as long as it is warm and will keep your head warm- where much of your body heat escapes.

Stepping Back & Opting Out


Extra clothes.

These will save your bacon if your bacon fell through the ice on the lake. A drive home is a long way in soaked clothing in winter.

Utah Fly Fishing Club


Ice cleats.

They come in handy and will keep your bones happy and unbroken. Insert snowshoes in deep snow areas instead of ice cleats.

Ice Cleats


Gear for your car.

Be sure to have some food, water, a snow shovel and a warm blanket or two in your car. Make sure to have a full tank of gas before leaving civilization.

Best Car Kit


Use common sense.

Ice is bad even for four wheel drive vehicles. Take your time on the road and watch out for the other drivers.

If the weather is bad, stay home. Nothing is worth your life. Be prepared!

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Be Confident in the Snow with These Winter Weather Survival Steps