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How Much Abuse Can the Ultra-Tough Rhino Blind Survive? Check This Out

Nestor Photography

Does the Rhino Blind live up to its tough name, even after being flattened by four feet of wet snow?

After three months of daily 24/7 abuse, the results may surprise you.

Check out my personal results of using the ultra tough Rhino Blind for this deer season.

Nestor Photography

We checked out and did a review on the incredible Rhino Blind back in the summer. While we liked what we saw, only a true test would be actual abuse from Mother Nature herself. This is where the story gets quite interesting.

The Rhino Blind was set up on location for the fall deer hunt in late August. Assembly was a snap and I anchored it well with the supplied metal stakes. The side tie downs were secured with supplied cords and just average plastic full length tent stakes. I knew the area had heavy winds and wanted to make sure the Rhino Blind would not blow away in a storm.

A later summer wind storm ripped across the property. An at least 10 foot aluminum row boat was setting a mere 70 yards away in the open with a large pond about 50 yards away. The strong winds picked the boat up and threw it into the pond where it floated upside down until rescued. The Rhino Blind was unscathed by the heavy winds. I was impressed.

Nestor Photography
Nestor Photography

When archery deer season arrived September 24th here in Ohio my wife and I were set up with my crossbow ready for action. First thing we noticed is that spiders had decided to take up residence inside the blind, since it was dark and stayed quite warm. A later application of Sawyer Permethrin Insect Repellent took care of that problem permanently. That is one handy idea to remember. My wife got a huge doe that ended up yielding 74 pounds of meat. This was her first deer harvest ever. The two does together were 20 yards away and never saw it coming. She was impressed, to say the least.

Nestor Photography

With my wife’s deer tag filled, it has been my turn to get one. While the deer preferred to travel through the area at night mostly my days of hunting inside from a full sized plastic lawn chair has been quite easy. Well that was until the heavy freak Ohio blizzard of December 10th, 2016. The snow came down in epic proportions. The area I hunt was buried under four feet on snow. I knew the Rhino Blind was underneath it all. After frozen rain came down and ultimately flattened the snow quite a bit my wife and I snowshoed back to the ground blind location two days later. It was rescue time.

Nestor Photography

A pitiful sight lay before us. That beautiful hunting blind was certainly in a world of hurt. My wife took some pictures, and then we began to dig it out of the snow and ice. The top section of the blind had popped down, as if it had been collapsed for transport or storage. The top dipped far enough down to be supported by the two lawn chairs inside. The snow filled this bowl and was quite a chore to remove.

The big surprise of the day is when I crawled inside and popped the top of the Rhino Blind back up. There was absolutely no damage whatsoever. I was shocked and quite happy with this great outcome.

At this point, freezing rain was falling pretty heavy, and my wife stashed her camera in my backpack. We decided with more heavy storms on the way it was time for this hardworking blind to come home for a rest. Luckily, the ground was not frozen and the stakes came up easy.

Back at home, I set the Rhino Blind up in the garage for cleaning, drying and a thorough examination of all seams and supporting poles. Once again, I found everything to be in order. Now, that’s what I call a tough hunting blind.

If you are in the market for a tough-as-nails hunting blind, this Rhino Blind has sold me on its superb performance. I certainly will be using it for many years to come. Check out their website and buy yourself a present this year. Happy hunting.


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How Much Abuse Can the Ultra-Tough Rhino Blind Survive? Check This Out