Urban Buck

Urban Bowhunter Makes Perfect 62-Yard Shot on Giant Nashville City Buck


This is one of the best bowhunting shots we've ever seen.

Most hunters do not generally try long range shots over 30 yards on whitetail deer. However, in recent years, bow technology has advanced and we have seen some talented archers making incredible shots that would have been impossible in the past. In today's video, Lee Ellis of the YouTube channel SEEK ONE makes just one such shot.

If you just want to see the shot, jump to the 28-minute mark. However, we highly recommend watching the whole hunt because we guarantee you've never seen anything like this. You see, Lee and his friends aren't your normal bowhunters. They target overpopulated urban giants on tiny tracts of land next to people's homes and businesses.

In this video, Lee spends days tracking down permission for a property in this buck's core area. When he does, he sets up a ground blind next to a wall in the front yard of a vacant home. Along the way he must deal with storms and a noisy landscaping crew. It's a wild hunt that could only happen in the city!


This may be our favorite hunt from the boys of the SEEK ONE crew yet. Both for the incredible shot, but also the raw and real emotions that came out of Lee after making that shot. This is a man who loves his bowhunting and he puts in an incredible amount of work to shoot these amazing urban bucks. They may live in close proximity to humans, but they aren't stupid and they certainly are not tame either. It took an unusual setup and a long shot to put this deer on the ground.

This shot may not have been possible in a location other than the city. This shot was an arching bomb, but the buck didn't jump the string like bucks do in more natural areas. It was likely because they are used to hearing unnatural sounds like that from humans.

Congratulations to Lee on an amazing buck and an even more incredible hunt. If that video didn't get you pumped for hunting season in your area, you aren't human!

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