Wisconsin Buck
YouTube: Rutnecks

Bowhunter Smokes 180-inch Wisconsin Buck After Some Early Bad Luck

Sometimes a bit of bad luck turns around in a hurry!

Wisconsin is the land of the giant whitetails as almost any deer hunter knows. Every year, thousands of hunters head to the woods of the Badger state hoping to write their own story of a legendary whitetail. Some of them try to capture the whole experience on video and not all are successful.

Alex of the YouTube channel Rutnecks has a rough start to this hunt. What starts out as a simple doe hunt becomes frustrating when he drops his camera bag from the treestand and onto the ground while trying to change batteries.

No doubt this guy was feeling like it was just not his day after that happened. However, anything can and does sometimes happen in the deer woods and a few moments later he finds himself with a 180-inch buck of a lifetime standing in front of him!

We think that all of us have been in this position before where everything that could go wrong is going wrong on our hunt. It can be quite frustrating, but the only thing you can do is roll with the punches and try to turn a negative into a positive. Coincidentally enough, on the biggest buck I ever shot, I was late getting to my blind and had some dogs run some deer past me early in the hunt. I thought it was over until a big 10-point showed at last light. It is never over until it's over!

It is not often that a buck of the caliber in this video makes a stupid mistake and wanders into a food plot in broad daylight like this. Alex was in the right place at the right time to take advantage of the situation.

This was truly a stud of a Wisconsin buck. As if the antlers were not impressive enough, this buck simply had a massive body. It is the kind of buck that dreams are made of and a good reminder of why we are putting a deer hunt in Wisconsin on our bucket list of dream hunts!

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