Wisconsin Hunter Self-Films and Shoots 214-Inch Free-Range Buck

Check out this monster free-range buck and the story that finally came to a close.

This is a dream buck and there's no other way to put it. Many hunters will hunt a lifetime without ever having an opportunity to chase a buck like this. Thomas MLsna not only got to hunt this majestic buck he named Candy Man, but he finally got an opportunity to take a shot and made the best of it.

A stunning 214 inches later, he is one happy man who will be getting a lot of attention because of this monster.

Candy Man haunted Thomas's thoughts, but the four-year quest has a storybook ending. Despite rumors, this isn't from a deer farm or a managed hunting property. This is a ghost from a high-pressured area according to MLsna.

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With the Tactacam rolling, Thomas fought through physically and mentally and got a shot off after being stuck in full draw for a prolonged period of time. Thankfully he sent his arrow right through the boiler room and the rest was history.

The Tactacam footage is below, and it only solidifies why the Tactacam is so perfect for self-filming hunts. Check this epic footage and story out.

"Candy Man" had 18 scorable points, a 22-inch inside spread, a 27-inch outside and was 210 pounds dressed.

As you can see, they had a lot of history with this buck and a lot of great trail camera photos. That's also a neat picture that showcases where they got the name Candy Man from.

This truly is an incredible story, incredible footage and an even more incredible buck. Deer like this keep us heading to woods year after year. Hopefully something like his sneaks by in one of our shooting lanes.

Congrats to Thomas, and ignore the haters!