Pumpkin Carving
YouTube: Hickok45

Pumpkin Carving the Fun Way: With a Sig Sauer M17

This is pumpkin carving the fun way!

It is safe to say that 2020 has been a wild and crazy year for us all. This is the perfect time to blow off some steam as we get into the final months. Why not do something relaxing like carve a Jack-o-Lantern for Halloween?

Well, there is the messy, traditional way to carve a pumpkin, and then there is the fun way. Our favorite YouTube shooting guru Hickok45 has made it his tradition to carve pumpkins using guns every year.

Every year he uses a different firearm to accomplish this task. This year he's using a semi-automatic Sig Sauer M17 to honor the troops. It's a fun little video and the Jack-o-Lantern turns out well!

Hickok is just way too good of a shot for his own good. He tries to enlarge the nose and instead ends up shooting through the exact same hole that started that part of the carving! The M17 of course is also known as the popular Sig P320. The civilian version is the M18. This was the gun that beat out all the competitors in Glock, Beretta and FN Herstal a few years ago to become the U.S. Army's service handgun of choice.

As if the Army wasn't enough, this 9mm striker-fired gun is also starting to see service with the Navy, Air Force and U.S. Marine Corps. If you noticed in this video, Hickok never had to reload to finish his pumpkin. That's thanks to the 17 and 21-round magazines used by this firearm.

You know, Hickok might be better at carving pumpkins with guns than we are at carving them with a knife. Our last attempt at a creative Jack-o-Lantern ended in total disaster. Clearly, we're doing things wrong when Hickok is able to come with a better version in less than two minutes without having to get his hands covered in slimy pumpkin goo!

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