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Model Tattooed Her Hairless Pet Sphynx Cat and Posted Photos on Instagram

If having your animal tattooed isn't considered animal cruelty then it should be quickly added to the list! Can you believe this? Model, Elena Ivanickaya, actually had her Sphynx cat tattooed with a winged Egyptian image. The decision to do this seems insane. From the videos and pictures, it appears she loves her cat which is why this seems very confusing as no one that loves their animal would put them through a painful procedure for "beauty" right? 

Ivanickaya clearly felt that this was fine and told critics that a vet approved the surgery and was present throughout the procedure.

All That's News reported that the cat was under general anesthesia while the tattoo artist inked the image on its chest. 

"After posting evidence of the tattoo on social media, the woman was quickly accused of animal cruelty by hundreds of social media users."

 I don't think anyone is stunned that animal lovers quickly reminded the model that this is animal cruelty. 

Check out the photo.


The video is priceless.

What about the tattoo artist? Shouldn't that individual also be charged?

This poor kitty! What's really scary about this? She isn't the first person to do this.

A Russian tattoo fanatic gave his hairless Sphynx cat named Demon pain killers to tattoo a series of 'gangster' tattoos on him. You read this right. A series of tattoos, not just one was placed on his cat.

Is it because this is a hairless cat? These people think just because there isn't any fur that a tattoo makes sense? This feels like animal abuse and the tattoo was done for their own Instagram accounts!

Should she be charged for animal cruelty?  Let us know in the comments section below. 

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