Mister Twister Releases New Soft Plastics for 2019, Including This Unique Flipping Bait

Mister Twister just introduced five new soft plastic series for the bass and striper market.

Mister Twister, a well-known name in the soft plastic fishing lure market, has earned a reputation for producing high-quality baits which excel when it comes to catching fish. And although famous for their iconic curly tail grub, this Canadian company has been setting trends since 1972.

Always innovative in the shapes and styles of soft baits they design, it's no surprise that Mister Twister recently introduced a new series for 2019 that's already garnering some attention.

Here's what you'll find on tackle store shelves this season.

5" Comida

Bass everywhere go crazy for a soft plastic stick bait. The new 5" Comida is a classic salted bait, soft and supple yet resistant to multiple strikes.

The perfect weight for a tantalizing fall through the water, the 5" Comida can be rigged wacky or with a drop shot.

Mister Twister

They're packaged 9 baits to a bag and available in 9 fish catching colors.

4" Flip'n OUT

Mister Twister

What looks to be a sweet bait for flipping or pitching to largemouth bass, the new 4" Flip'n OUT features a soft, but sturdy, compact, ribbed, solid body and paddle appendages. We're talking maximum water displacement in heavy cover here.

Recognize those tails? They're the same as the Twister Tail Grub design that put the bait company on the map.

This soft plastic bait has one smooth and one ribbed side. And depending on what side you rig with a hook, the fall rate can be altered by up to 17%. They come in four color combos and you'll receive six in a pack.

3½" Poc'it Craw

Mister Twister

We all know that bass love crawfish. The 3½" Poc'it Craw mimics these tasty crustaceans to a T. Designed with a natural profile, this latest soft plastic lure release from Mister Twister is ideal for Texas rigging or use as a trailer.

The underside of the Mister Twister Poc'it Craw body has pockets that trap air and release bubbles during the retrieve to increase vibration and create a lifelike effect. A half dozen baits come in a package, with four colors to pick from.

6½" Tri-Alive Nightcrawler

A longer version of the original Nightcrawler, this new release incorporates the Tri-Alive process to create realistic and striking color combinations. This was something that was on my wish list, and I'm glad to see it from a reputable bait brand.

Featuring a flat diamond tipped bulbous tail, the 6 ½" Tri-Alive Nightcrawler is certain to grab the attention of bass, and a big size hopefully translates to a big bite. You can choose from six different colors and there are eight of these bad boys in each bag.

6" Sassy Shad

Mister Twister

The new 6" Sassy Shad is a large, tough-yet-soft swimbait that imitates a live shad perfectly. At home rigged on a jighead or spinner form, the perfectly engineered paddle tail creates lifelike movement that triggers fish to strike.

These fishing baits would be a top choice for those who target stripers, lake trout, pike, or muskie. The Mister Twister Sassy Shad is packaged four to a bag and is available in four colors.

Along with these five new series of soft plastic baits, Mister Twister has also released new color combinations in the 4" Buzz Bug and 6" Phenom line. Game fish beware: There are new arrows in the angler's quiver.

To view the full line up of Mister Twister soft baits, get more product details, and add some to your fishing tackle box, you can check out their website.

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