How Much Fishing Tackle Does a Pro Own?

Pro Bass angler Mike Iaconelli takes you on a tour of and shows how much fishing tackle he has on hand.

1Rod1ReelFishing hook up with Mike laconelli for a look at his massive variety and arrangement of tackle, so much in fact that he has a garage dedicated to it.

Mike's garage could rival most bait shops and fishing stores I know; what an incredible amount of variety with some interesting one-off lures thrown in, like the trout lure that costs a couple hundred bucks; something you would not want to break off your line.

That is an insane amount of fishing tackle and clearly shows why if you are considering becoming a pro you have to get some serious sponsors behind you. What really becomes apparent is that having fishing tackle well sorted and organized maximizes your time; and pro bass anglers success is directly tied to the effective management of time, be it off the water or on the boat.