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The Only Trout Lures and Baits You'll Need This Spring [PICS]

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Can you guess the only essential trout lures and baits you need in your tackle box?

Over the winter, most anglers painstakingly organize their messy tackle boxes, eagerly anticipating the warmer spring weather and opportunity to wet a line. Now that trout season is here, did you know you really don't need that many different trout lures and baits to be successful?

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While fly fishermen have small fly boxes they'll carry with them, using spinning tackle can be a little more cumbersome. However, there's no need to lug around a tackle box full of options. These trout lures and baits are all you need to catch trout on spinning gear in most parts of the country.

If you don't already have some, you can find the rest at your local sporting goods store easily. And since there aren't many, you don't have to break the bank either.



It's hard to beat a spinner when fishing streams or rivers for trout. You can find them in various sizes and patterns to match your destination and intended trout species. Start with a Mepps Aglia, which features genuine bucktail or squirrel tail.

trout lure mepps aglia
Bass Pro Shops

Another solid option for smaller streams is the Blue Fox Vibrax Shallow Spinner, which has a specialized blade to keep it from running deeper than two feet. Its lifelike patterns and dressed tail will convince a wary trout to take a bite.

trout lure blue fox
Bass Pro Shops


Jigs are powerful trout lures because you can fish them down the current or jig from above a pool with deadly results. In particular, trout love to chase marabou jigs. Pick up a kit like this that has the basic black, brown, white, and olive colors with various sizes, and you're set for a long time and for many situations!

trout lure marabou jig

The Lindy Fuzz-E Grub is a great crossover between the marabou jig and a soft bait. You can fish it as is, or tip it with live bait for some added enticement.

trout lure lindy grub


Most anglers don't immediately think of using a crankbait for trout, but it really does work! The Rapala Countdown sinks at a rate of one foot per second, so you can consistently target the same depth on each cast. Used in deep pools or along shallow riffles, a 1/16- to 1/8-ounce Countdown will trigger strikes.

trout lure countdown


Casting spoons are another great option to have in your trout lure collection. They have the right heft for casting, and enough flash and wobble to drive trout crazy. Try the Acme Kastmaster spoon in 1/12- to 3/8-ounce sizes.

trout lure acme spoon


Live baits are very attractive to fish, but they don't stand up as well as plastics and aren't as portable. The Berkley Gulp! Floating Trout Worm is buoyant and perfectly resembles a fat and sassy crawler. Plus it's loaded with Gulp! attractant as a bonus.

trout lure gulp worm
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Trout are voracious predators of various invertebrates, including the hellgrammite, which is the larva of the dobsonfly. Uncle Buck's plastic hellgrammite can be rigged on a plain hook or jig head, and is deadly effective.

trout lure helgramite
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Good luck out trout fishing!

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The Only Trout Lures and Baits You'll Need This Spring [PICS]